Welcome to the Poorly PC Website - Computer Support Serving Huntingdon, St. Ives, Ramsey, Upwood, St.Ives

Hello, firstly let me say welcome to Poorly PC. if your looking for a large faceless coporation employing lots of young people, paid a minimum wage and quite frankly will sell you equipment that you dont need then close this web page now !

The majority of my work locally involves removing Spyware, Malware, and Viruses from Laptops, Tablets, and smartphones. So if your computer has slowed down, has pop ups or is generally running babdly then please give me a call. I even have loan computers if your up against a tight deadline, or my work is likely to take a few days. 

I'm an IT Professional in his late 40's that on occasion employs one other person to assist with the larger tasks. I offer fixed fee repairs for hardware and software for your home or small business. Not only do I offer fix and repair IT, I offer tuition and many other services, please spend a few minutes browsing my site and feel free to call me. I'm here to help.


I offer free lifetime telephone support for all of my customers, and I'll never sell or recommend services that you don't need.

Better still If I can't sort your problem then I'll have modern computer hardware thats available on loan FREE OF CHARGE whilst I get yours up and running as quickly and as affordable as I can.

For a small business I have a core of customers that have over the years become friends. I currently look after 40+ small business, and over 100 residential users. I've been supporting users in and around Huntingdon since 1998.

Highly experienced in Apple, Microsoft and all business and residential computer equipment. Why not give me a try ?


Home Users

Whether you need a faulty modem replacing, or your looking to expand your business network I am here to help, offering fixed price repairs I can generally complete all work within hours of your call for help.

Business Users

I have had formal training from Sun, and Apple, and Microsoft.

Data Recovery

Recovery digital data can be expensive, but over the years I've developed the tools and experience to make this affordable for everyone. From camera and phone memory to complete hard disk drives. Why not give me a call to find out just how affordable it is to recover that valuable data ? 

Website Design and Hosting

From simple website registration to full blown content managed systems. I'm here to help.


I can even help with Games Consoles, for example P2/3/4.

My work covers everything from Installing Wireless broadband in your home or office, to setting up  new computers, and repairing or upgrading your existing computer. Many high street computer resellers will advise you that upgrading is not affordable. However for many home users this is simply not the case. Often after a quick chat and assessment of your use a cheaper alternative than a new PC is available. if you are a business user then i can administer your domain, or upgrade your existing network infrastructure. You will also receive priority response, and i am available out of hours at no extra charge. Ensuring your primary goal of running your business is not disrupted.

I Don't just support Microsoft Operating Systems

I can also support Linux, particularly SAMBA, and Open Office. Which could save you £1000's on Microsoft Licensing. 


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

I offer disaster recovery plans, and can teach your staff how to recover, and implement a business recovery action plan.